Information about NAV's services and benefits

Below you will find a list of NAV's services, benefits and pensions.

The general rule is that you are covered under the National Insurance Act if you are a compulsory member of the National Insurance Scheme. What entitlements you can claim under the National Insurance Act depends on what kind of membership you have, or whether you are covered by a social security agreement.

You should be aware that some entitlements require that you have been a member of the National Insurance Scheme for a certain time. For questions about the wide range of benefits and requirements pertaining to specific countries/national insurance agreements, please contact NAV.

For payment information: Payment dates, holiday pay and tax withholding.

Unemployment benefit if you are unemployed or temporarily laid-off

If you are temporarily laid-off for a specific period, you may be entitled to the unemployment benefit for this period.

If you become unemployed in Norway and are not entitled to the unemployment benefit, you can apply to transfer the rights you have accrued in another EEA country. You will then require a PD U1 form from the country where you have worked for the past three years.

Sickness benefit

Sickness benefits compensate for loss of income for employed members of the National Insurance Scheme who are occupationally disabled due to an illness or injury. EEA citizens who come to Norway are entitled to claim sickness benefit under Norwegian law if they are working in Norway.

Family related benefits

The purpose of parental benefits is to ensure income for parents in connection with the birth of a child. You can receive parental benefits if you have been occupationally active and have had a pensionable income for at least six of the last ten months before the benefit period commences

Members of the National Insurance Scheme may be entitled to child benefit for children up to the age of 18. You may also apply for cash benefit for children between the ages of 1 and 2, if the child does not attend kindergarten full time.


In order to be entitled to receiving pensions from Norway, you must have been a member of the National Insurance Scheme for one year. Those who have worked in two or more EEA-countries may earn rights to pensions in each country. You apply for pensions in the country you live in when pensioned.

Financial assistance

Financial assistance from NAV is intended to secure a person’s income on a temporary basis to cover his or her basic subsistence costs.

Information, advice and guidance

If you are receiving social assistance, advice and guidance can help support your ability to fend for yourself.

Qualification Programme

The Qualification Programme is for those who want to work, but require extra follow-up in order to do so.

Financial advice and debt counselling

NAV can give you financial advice if you have payment or debt problems. The purpose of this service is to help you so that you are able to manage your own finances.

Temporary accommodation (emergency)

NAV has a duty to help you find temporary accommodation if you have an acute need for a place to sleep and stay the next few days.

Employment schemes

The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration's employment schemes are flexible and can be tailored to individual needs for qualifications and occupational training. In order to participate in employment measures offered by the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration, it is a requirement that you are registered with us as a jobseeker

Health Services

HELFO is responsible for dental services and health services such as The regular GP scheme (fastlege), which entitles one to have a regular GP, and issuance of The European Health Insurance Card (Europeisk helsetrygdkort).

Occupational injury

If an accident occurs in the workplace, the employer is obliged  to send the claim form to NAV. If the employer has not done this, please report the injury or disease yourself. Employers are also obliged to take out occupational injury insurance (Yrkesskadeforsikring) in the private insurance companies.