Pensions and pension applications from outside Norway

Below you can read more about pensions and how to proceed for pension applications outside Norway.

Most of the main information about your entitlements and duties is available here in English. More detailed information; however, is only available in Norwegian

For further information, please contact NAV.


Retirement pension for those born before 1954

Retirement pension for those born between 1954 and 1962

Retirement pension for those born in and after 1963

Minimum pension level (previously called a basic pension) 

Disability benefit

Disability benefit

Benefits in case of death

Grant for funeral and coffin transportation arrangements

Childrens pension

Benefits for surviving spouse

Benefits for previous family carers

Contractual early retirement pension (AFP)

Contractual early retirement pension (AFP) in the public sector

Contractual early retirement pension (AFP) in the private sector from 2011

Other information regarding pension

Dependant supplement

Acquired rights for care work

Supplementary benefit for persons who have only lived a short period in Norway

Life certificate form for recipients of retirement pension and disability benefit

Pension applications from outside Norway

Here you can find information and forms if you live outside of Norway and want to apply for a pension according to the Agreement of social security between Norway and your country

Social Security Agreements and information about the application procedures and application forms