Payment dates, holiday pay and tax withholding

Below you’ll find some general information about payments from NAV. The summary for each benefit has information about payment dates, holiday pay and months with reduced or no tax withholding.

General information about payments from NAV

The date on which you receive payments from NAV may vary from month to month. When the funds are available in your account will also vary, because it is your bank that handles the transfer to your account. Go to Utbetalingsoversikt to see information about the payment. It should be available in the evening of the day the transfer was made.

Please be aware that these dates are when NAV guarantees you will have the money in your account. The money is transferred from NAV to the banks a few days earlier, which means that for some, the money will be available in their account before the date specified.

If you did not receive your payment at the expected time, please call us.

Please also make sure you have registered the correct bank account number at “Ditt NAV” to prevent payment delays. 

Benefit payments from NAV to foreign accounts may take longer to transfer.  

If there is some technical problem that will result in many people not getting their payments in time, we will post a notice on the home page of

The Tax Administration is responsible for tax withholding from benefit payments from NAV (text in Norwegian). If you have a voluntary tax withholding arrangement, tax will be withheld from payments in June and December as well, unless you suspend the arrangement in advance.

On the page for holiday and holiday pay you can read more about who are entitled to holiday pay and the conditions that apply if you are going on holiday.