Work combined with disability benefit

You may work full or part-time given the possibilities that you have. It pays off to work because your income and disability benefit will always be higher than your disability benefit alone.

There is a limit to how much income you may earn before your disability benefit is reduced. However, it does pay off to work. Your disability benefit will be adjusted upward again if your income falls below the income limit.

Income while receiving disability benefit

  • The income limit is 0.4 G (The National Insurance basic amount). If you were receiving disability pension before 1 January 2015, your income limit will be NOK 60,000 for a transitional period up to 1 January 2019. Cash benefits for care (text in Norwegian) is regarded as income. The same applies to foster care allowance (text in Norwegian).
  • If you are receiving graded (partial) disability benefit, your income limit will be determined individually. It consists of the above amounts and the income NAV has determined you have the possibility to earn while receiving disability benefit.
  • If you are in Permanently adapted work, your income limit is 1 G.

If your income exceeds the income limit you will retain your income, but your disability benefit will be reduced somewhat. On the whole, you will be left with more. Only the part of your income that exceeds the income limit will result in a reduction of your disability benefit.

By how much your disability benefit will be reduced is an individual matter. If you would like to see how your income affects your disability benefit, you may log in to Ditt NAV. You can use different incomes here and see how these affect the size of your disability benefit.

When should you report anticipated income?

To ensure that your receive the correct payment of disability benefit, you must notify NAV when

  • you expect to have an annual income that exceeds your income limit
  • your annual income changes from what you have previously reported

It is easy to notify NAV by logging in to Ditt NAV.

What happens if you report too much or too little income?

If you have received too little or too much disability benefit, NAV makes a final annual settlement. This is done every autumn when your tax assessment is ready.

If you have received too little disability benefit, we will pay you the amount owed. If you have received too much disability benefit, we will deduct this amount from future payments.

Read more about final annual settlement and disability benefit (text in Norwegian).

Your income may affect your disability benefit supplements

Most of the main information about your entitlements and duties is available here in English. There are also links to other more detailed information; however, some of this information is only available in Norwegian.