Tourists in Norway

You are not a member of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme while on holiday in Norway.

When are you regarded as a tourist?

You are regarded as a tourist when you stay in Norway

  • for less than 12 months, and
  • have no income from work in Norway

What happens when you go to Norway on holiday?

EEA countries and Switzerland

  • Coming from an EEA-country or Switzerland - take your European Health Insurance Card with you. The card gives proof of your entitlement to emergency and necessary medical treatment covered under the National Insurance Act.


  • Coming from Australia - you will be entitled to coverage under the National Insurance Act if you become ill while on holiday in Norway.

Other countries

  • Coming from other countries - you must purchase private insurance to cover expenses in case of sickness while on holiday in Norway.

When are you no longer regarded as a tourist?

If you start work in Norway, you are no longer regarded as a tourist.

If you stay in Norway longer than 12 months, other rules will apply. You will no longer be regarded as a tourist and will have to apply for a residence permit.

If you need a visa to holiday in Norway, you are no longer regarded as a tourist after its expiration. Normally a visa is issued for up to three months.

What can you do to become a member of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme?

As a rule, you will not be granted membership when you are a tourist. Persons who have a family in Norway or close ties with Norway may, on application, obtain voluntary membership when staying in Norway from three to twelve months.