Working abroad

If you start working outside Norway, you will, as a general rule, no longer be a member of the National Insurance Scheme.

Your rights when working outside Norway

If you work outside Norway, your rights will change. Being a Norwegian citizen, paying taxes to Norway or being registered as resident in Norway may have no bearing on your rights with the National Insurance Scheme. Even payment of social security contributions together with taxes in Norway, does not result in automatic membership of the National Insurance Scheme. Your rights while working outside Norway depend on the regulations of the National Insurance Scheme and the regulations of our agreements with other countries.

Compulsory membership

You are compulsorily insured, if you are employed in Norway or shall work for your Norwegian employer outside Norway while your wages are paid from Norway, your employer pays the employer’s contribution off them in Norway, and the working period outside Norway will be less than 12 months.

Voluntary membership

Special rules apply to some groups of employees who may apply for voluntary membership, i.e. persons employed by the Foreign Service, Armed Forces, au pair, domestic help, foreign aid workers and volunteers. You will find more information in  the sections on these groups or the general conditions for voluntary membership.

Health services

You have to be either a compulsory or a voluntary member of the Health Section of the National Insurance in order to be entitled to health services.

Other benefits

If you work outside Norway Norwegian benefits may stop. You should check the conditions for receipt of each of the benefits.

Returning to Norway

When, after finishing your employment outside Norway, you move back to Norway, your membership with the National Insurance will start from day one. Please notice that some of the benefits require that you have been a member of the National Insurance Scheme for a certain time. 

No entitlement to benefits from the National Insurance Scheme may be derived from holiday periods in Norway while employed outside Norway.