Membership of the National Insurance Scheme

  • work in Norway or on the Norwegian continental shelf
  • are a citizen of Norway/an EEA country, and work on a Norwegian vessel. You have not a compulsory membership if you work in catering on a tourist ship registered in the Norwegian International Ship Register (NIS)
  • are a citizen of Norway/an EEA country and employed abroad in the service of the Norwegian state
  • are a citizen of Norway/an EEA country and receive funding from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund to study abroad. There is an exception if you study in a Nordic country or in EU/EEA, in these cases you must be a member of the social security scheme in the country where you are considered a resident. You are considered a resident of the country in which you are most affiliated. It is not decisive where you are registered as a resident.
  • The most extensive agreements Norway has are with the EEA countries. The provisions of the EEA Agreement concerning social security take precedence over both Norwegian law and any other social security agreements Norway may have signed.
  • The Nordic Convention on Social Security is a separate social security agreement, established between Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.
  • whether your employer is required to pay the employer's contribution to the National Insurance Scheme
  • which parts of the National Insurance Scheme you are a member of if you are not a compulsory member