Are you living abroad without electronic ID for NAVs digital services?

You can sign in using your passport if you have a Norwegian D number (D-nummer) or national identity number with 11 digits (fødselsnummer).

Many foreign citizens don’t have electronic ID with the highest security level: level 4.

Electronic ID is required for accessing a lot of services from NAV. For example registering as a jobseeker, applying for unemployment benefit (dagpenger), as well as sickness benefit (sykepenger) and work assessment allowance (arbeidsavklaringspenger), and reaching your counsellor at NAV.

A new app scans your passport

Previously you needed to visit a NAV office to identify yourself in case you lacked electronic ID. 

Now you can use an app to scan your passport. The app is called Nets Passport Reader.

  • A Norwegian D number or national identity number (fødselsnummer) is required to get electronic ID.
  • Nets Passport Reader can be downloaded in the App Store and Google Play.
  • When you identify yourself with Nets Passport Reader your application for electronic ID is sent to the Norwegian authorities.
  • If approved you will receive electronic ID and you can sign in on with the highest security level.

Go to Nets Passport Reader 

Trouble with registration in the app

Many Polish citizens were unable to register using the app.

As of June 12th it is now possible for citizens with a Polish passport to register. 

The reason for the problem is a lack of data in the National Population Register. We encourage those who have been unable to register in the past to try again so you can access services on