Who is entitled to cash-for-care benefits?

To be entitled to cash-for-care benefits, your child must be one year old and not attend a full time government subsidized kindergarten. If the child has part-time place, you can receive 20, 40, 60 or 80 per cent cash-for-care benefit

As a general rule, to receive cash-for-care benefits your child must be resident in Norway. If the child has lived in Norway 12 months in a row, it is considered as resident. There are special rules for EEA-Citizens. Read more about child benefit and cash-for-care benefit to foreign employees in Norway.

From 1st of July 2017 you must in addition have been a member of the National Insurance Scheme for at least 5 years. When the child lives with both parents, 5 years of national insurance coverage is required for both parents. When NAV assesses the condition of membership, periods of national insurances in other EEA countries will also be taken into account. You must obtain documentation from the relevant EEA countries that have registered your insurance periods. What qualifies as the insurance periods varies from country to country. For example, it may be a place of residence, work periods or both. Note that only EEA citizens and third countries citizens considered to be in a family relationship with an EEA citizen can add insurance coverage from other EEA countries to the coverage in the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme. If the insurance coverage is from another Nordic country, the nationality is not deemed important.

If you have any other children in addition to your own permanently living with you, you may be entitled to cash-for-care benefits.You cannot receive cash-for-care benefits if your child is in a foster home or an institution.

How much will you receive?

If your child doesn’t attend a government subsidized kindergarten, you may receive 100 percent cash-for-care benefit. If the child has part-time place, you can receive 20, 40, 60 or 80 per cent cash-for-care benefit.

The time assigned to your child in the kindergarten determines how much you receive in cash-for-care benefits. It does not matter if the child is less in the kindergarten than the assigned attendance. 

Here’s an example:

The kindergarten that Ida will attend is open from 07.00 to 17.00. Ida has been granted a full-time place in kindergarten and can therefore be in kindergarten 10 hours per day. The allotted place thus totals 50 hours per week. This applies regardless of whether Ida is actually in kindergarten at the allotted time. This means that if Ida’s parents are planning to deliver Ida at 09.00 and collect her at 15.00, they will nevertheless not be entitled to graduated cash-for-care.

If Ida is allocated a half-day place, she will be in kindergarten 25 hours per week. Ida’s parents may then be entitled to 20 per cent cash-for-care.

See the rates for cash-for-care benefits.

How long can you receive cash-for-care benefits?

You can receive cash-for-care benefits for children between 1 and 2 years, i.e. starting the month the child turns 13 months, up until and including the month the child turns 23 months. You can receive cash-for-care benefits for a maximum of 11 months.

If you have adopted children, you can receive cash-for-care benefits for up to 11 months after the period of full parental benefit for adoption has expired (46 weeks). The period with cash-for-care benefit may be used even when the child is older, provided that the child has not started school.

If you have received a lump-sum grant for adoption, you may receive cash-for-care benefits from the month after the period of full parental benefit for adoption expires (46 weeks).

If your child starts attending a kindergarten, cash-for-care benefit will be paid up to and including the month the child starts going to the kindergarten.

How to apply for cash-for-care benefit

It the parents live together, only one parent needs to apply. If the parents live apart, the parent with whom the child lives primarily is entitled to apply for cash-for-care benefits. You cannot receive cash-for-care benefits paid in arrears for more than 3 months prior to the month in which you applied for the benefits. The earliest you may apply is the month your child turns one year.

If you have entered into a agreement on dual domicile in accordance with Section 36 of the Children Act, you may agree to split the cash-for-care benefits. In such cases, both apply for cash-for-care benefits. You’ll find the application form under “Form and application”.

Once we have received your application, we will review the information you have given us against public records and the kindergarten lists from the municipality. We will contact you if we have any questions. Once the case is decided, you will receive a notice of the decision in the post. You can find updated processing times for your county at nav.no/saksbehandlingstider.

Going abroad?

As a rule, the cash-for-care benefit will cease the month after you leave Norway if you plan to stay abroad for more than 3 months.

If you stay within the EEA, you may be entitled to cash-for-care benefits for stays of more than 3 months. The requirement is that one of the parents is an employee posted abroad from Norway for up to 24 months, or that one of the parents receives a pension from Norway.

You may keep the cash-for-care benefits if you and your family stay abroad up to 3 months. The requirement is that you do not have gainful employment while living abroad.

You must notify NAV about which country you are travelling and how long you are intending to stay there. If your stay abroad lasts longer than planned, you must also notify NAV of this.

When you move to Norway

When you move to Norway you may be eligible for cash-for-care benefit when the whole family is residing in Norway and will be living here for at least 12 months. This applies to all foreign nationals who are resident in Norway, registered on the Norwegian population register and who have legal residence.

If you are a national of an EEA country and are working in Norway, you may be entitled to cash-for-care benefit even if you will be residing in Norway for less than 12 months. Read more about child benefit and cash-for-care benefit to foreign employees in Norway.

Notify changes

It is important that you notify NAV if your child starts at a day care centre. You may write to us when you are logged in at  Ditt NAV, or you can call us at 55 55 33 33.

We need to know

  • the date of the child's birth
  • the name of the day care centre
  • from which date the child is assigned day care 
  • the number of hours a week the child is assigned day care

If there are changes in your family situation or you are planning to stay abroad, this may affect the amount you receive from NAV. In such cases, you must notify NAV immediately.


See Payment dates, holiday pay and tax withholding

You can also check your payments on the Utbetalingsoversikt service.

Most of the main information about your entitlements and duties is available here in English. There are also links to other more detailed information; however, some of this information is only available in Norwegian.