What changes affect the payments of your retirement pension?

If you draw a retirement pension and there is a change in your income, family situation or you are planning to stay abroad, this may affect the payments you receive from NAV. In such cases, you must notify NAV immediately.

Change in marital status

Your marital status is important for calculation of your pension. If your marital status changes, e.g., if you become a co-habiting partner, marry or get divorced, you must notify NAV. This is because the other party’s pension or income may affect the calculation of your pension.

Change in spouse’s income

The income of your spouse, partner or co-habiting partner may affect the calculation of your pension. Therefore, it is important that you notify NAV if your spouse has an income higher than twice the National Insurance basic amount and his or her income has previously been below this. You must also notify NAV if your spouse no longer has an income or this is lower than twice the basic amount.

Are you supporting a spouse or children?

Dependant’s allowance includes child and spouse’s supplement. These supplements are means-tested. Therefore, it is important to notify NAV of changes in income, both for you, who is drawing a retirement pension, and your dependants.  Income includes work income, pensions or other payments from NAV and pensions or other benefits from other pension schemes.

If you are receiving child supplement and are living with the other parent, you must also notify of any changes in the income of the other parent.

Moving abroad

You must notify NAV if you move abroad. It is also important to check your rights before you move and what may limit your right to bring your pension with you from Norway. 

Retirement pension while in an institution

Staying in a state-run health institution may affect payment of your retirement pension. Your retirement pension will be reduced from and including the fourth month after you were admitted. For example, this applies to stays in psychiatric institutions. If you support a spouse or children, your retirement pension will not be reduced. You retain your full pension payments if you are hospitalised.

If you are admitted to a municipal nursing home, your pension will not be reduced, but you will pay a charge to the local authorities. The local authorities may request NAV to deduct this from your pension.

Retirement pension in prison

If you are in prison, you will receive your retirement pension in the month you start your prison sentence and the month after. After that time, your pension payments will be suspended. If you support children you will still receive 50 per cent of your retirement pension.

Most of the information is available here in English. There are also links to other more detailed information; however, some of this information is only available in Norwegian.