The Corona situation: Information about the empolyment status form (text in Norwegian)

What is an employment status form?

Through the employment status form you update NAV regularly regarding your situation by confirming your activities in the last 14 days.

Why should you submit an employment status form?

You inform NAV of your work, activities or absence from activity in the last 14 days.

The information is used to calculate payment of unemployment benefit, work assessment allowance and employment scheme benefit.

The information is also used to assess whether you have receiving the correct follow-up from NAV and whether the activity you have agreed with NAV should be adjusted because your situation has changed.

You also inform whether you will still be registered as a job seeker with NAV.

How to submit an employment status form

In order to submit an employment status form you must be registered with NAV.

In the menu you will find information about how to fill out and submit your employment status form.

Contact NAV

If you have questions regarding the employment status form, please call +47 55 55 33 33.

If you have questions regarding logon or technical errors, please call technical user support on 55 55 33 39, press 3.

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