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Foreldre- og svangerskapspenger (FOR)

Postponed or graded disbursement of parental benefits (flexible disbursement)NAV 14-16.05

Appendix: Documentation of transferred holidays or holidays in advance

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If you wish to take holidays that have been transferred from last year or take next year’s holidays in advance, your employer must confirm this. Your employer must also confirm the period and that it involves holidays that come under the Holidays Act.

Appendix: Covering letter from your doctor specifying your functional ability

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It is not sufficient to provide a sickness certificate. Your doctor must also write a special medical declaration that specifically states how your illness/injury affects your ability to look after the child, to what degree you depend on help (fully or partially) and how long the illness is likely to continue.

Appendix: Documentation of admission

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The health institution must confirm the period for which you or the child have been admitted. If it is the child that has been admitted, this applies only to the child for whom you receive parental benefit.