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Foreldre- og svangerskapspenger (FOR)

Applying for parental benefit for an adoptionNAV 14-05.06

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Please attach the adoption order and confirmation of the date for assumption of care for the child.

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If you are employed, your employer must submit a digital income report

If you are self-employed or freelance, you must submit the form NAV 14-35.01.

Attachment: Documentation of period(s) of employment from employer(s) in the relevant EEA member state.

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Attachment: Documentation of the period of military or civil national service.

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Your military base must document your period of service.

Attachment: Documentation of severance pay.

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The documentation from your employer must indicate the income and the period that the severance pay applies to.

Attachment: Documentation of income while studying.

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You must enclose the form "Information about your income" (NAV 08 30.01), completed and signed by your employer. You can give your employer a copy of the forms or your employer can get the forms from

Attachment: Documentation of the mother’s education, employment or illness.

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You must attach documentation specifying what the child’s mother will be doing in the same period:

  • Confirmation from the mother's employer if she is working full time
  • Confirmation from the mother's place of study or school if she is in full-time education
  • Confirmations from both the mother's employer and place of study detailing how much she is working and studying if she is combining work with education
  • A medical certificate if the mother is sick. This certificate must describe how her illness or injury affects her ability to take care of the child, whether she is completely or partially dependent on help or not, and how long she is expected to be ill for. A standard doctor’s note (“sykemelding”) is not sufficient.
  • Confirmation from the hospital or health institution if the mother has been admitted
  • Confirmation from the programme organiser if the mother is participating in the Qualification Programme
  • Confirmation from the programme organiser if the mother is participating in the Introduction Programme for newly arrived immigrants pursuant to chapter 2 of the Introduction Act.

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