The non-custodial or custodial parent lives abroad

If one of you lives abroad, the one who does not live with the child still have to pay child support.

NAV handles child support cases when one of the parents lives abroad. This entails that you must inquire there when:

The address to NAV is: Postboks 6600 Etterstad, 0607 Oslo, Norway.

Phone number: (+47) 21 07 37 00.

When does NAV regard you as living abroad?

When you are not registered in the Norwegian National Population Register, we regard you as living abroad. NAV may make exceptions from this and regard you as living abroad if you have moved from Norway and not reported this to the Norwegian National Population Register.

Which tasks does NAV have in connection with child support cases?

NAV determines and changes child support payments and handles other applications in connection with child support. NAV also handles petitions from abroad concerning collection of child support payments.

How is child support established when one of you lives abroad?

The child support payment may be established in one of the following three ways:

  • You may make a private agreement (please note that enforced collection of agreed child support is not possible in countries outside of the Nordic area)
  • Child support is determined by NAV
  • Child support is determined by the authorities in the country where one of the parents lives

Who is responsible for the collection and payment of child support?

NAV can collect and forward child support. If a custodial parent lives in Norway, advance payments of child support may also be paid.

If you have any questions in connection to this, call NAV Recovery of Child Support at (+47) 21 05 11 00.