Life Certificate for recipients of retirement pension and disability benefit

Like most other countries, the Norwegian authorities send life certificates to recipients living abroad.

The life certificates ensure that pensions and disability benefits are paid to the right recipients. In this way  NAV reduce the risk of error in the event of death.

Those who must submit a life certificate, will receive a life certificate form and an information letter from NAV. You will find the deadline for submission of the form in the letter.

The certificate must be signed by the recipient him-/herself. In addition, a public authority in the recipient’s place of residence or 2 witnesses (two adults) must confirm that the recipient is alive.

If you do not receive the certificate, this may be because NAV has not been informed about your change of address, or because there are problems with the postal service. In this case you can print out the life certificate form (leveattestskjema) from our webpage.

Complete the form with your name, national identity number (11 digits) and, if applicable, your new address, and send it to NAV. Remember that the form must be signed and witnessed.

Stop of payments

If NAV do not receive the life certificate from you, or your signature or the confirmation of witnesses is lacking, payments will be stopped after a reminder.

 Frequently asked questions about life certificates

There are usually many who contact NAV about the life certificate. Below you will find answers to the most asked questions.

  •  NAV will receive my life certificate too late. Is it possible to extend the deadline for submission?

We cannot extend the deadline. This is because the dispatch and registration of life certificates is an automated procedure. It is therefore not possible to register individual deadlines  manually. If you  do not submit the certificate within the deadline you will receive a reminder. Even though you have informed us about the delay, you will receive a reminder letter with the life certificate and a new deadline. Payments will not stop until the  new deadline has expired.

  •   I have recently sent in a confirmation that I am alive. Do I also have to send in a new life certificate?

 Yes. If you have received a letter from NAV with a life certificate, you must return it signed and witnessed. The dispatch and registration of the life certificates is an automated procedure. It is therefore not possible to register life certificates manually.  

  •  Can I scan the life certificate and send it by e-mail?

No. The life certificate contains personal information and e-mail is not considered a secure channel for delivery of such information. 

  •  Can NAV send a confirmation that my life certificate has been received?

NAV sends life certificate forms to thousands receivers of pensions every year. If the life certificate has not arrived, or it has been delayed in the post, NAV will contact you. Please do not contact NAV for confirmation that the life certificate has been received.

Do you have other questions about life certificates?

 Please call NAV, telephone +47 55 55 33 34.

Most of the information is available here in English. There are also links to other more detailed information; however, some of this information is only available in Norwegian.

Do you receive old-age pension from abroad?

NAV does not manage pensions paid from other countries. If you have to deliver a life certificate to other countries, you can get help with signing and attestation with the police.