What does work training entail?

Work training means you receive training for a limited period of time in tasks that are typical for the general labour market. Work training occurs at the workplace, but the tasks are suited to your needs and you will be monitored by NAV for the duration of your placement. The objective of these measures is to allow you to test out opportunities in the labour market.

An agreement will be drawn up and signed by you as participant, by the employer and by NAV. The agreement will state the goals work training, explain the training and what it entails and lay out a training plan to be used for the duration of placement.

If suitable, you may also be asked to enter a follow-up agreement(tilretteleggings- og oppfølgingsavtale). A permanent contact person will be assigned to you at NAV and at your new place of work.

A participant of the work training scheme is defined as an ordinary employee at the business or organization at which he or she is placed.

Who can participate?

Work training is offered to persons with little or no work experience, or for those of you with impaired or reduced work capability who need help finding a job.


This measure shall be adapted to your particular needs based on the opportunities that are currently available in the labour market. You may participate in this scheme for a period of one year. Persons with impaired or reduced work capability can have the measure extended for a further six months.

Good to know

If you are receiving subsistence benefits (such as sickness benefits, unemployment benefits or a work assessment allowance) you will keep your employment scheme benefits while participating in this scheme.

If not, you may be eligible for specific follow up-agreement (tilretteleggings- og oppfølgingsavtale) from NAV for the duration of training.

NAV can also offer ordinary employers an inclusion subsidy (text in Norwegian) if the employer can document any additional expenses for arranging or organizing a job for you at his or her company or organisation.

How do you apply?

Please contact your local NAV office for more information. 

Agreement on work training is entered into digitally: NAV creates the agreement, while you and the employer approve digitally.

You must not begin working before NAV has approved your participation in the scheme for your place of work.