Paternity or co-maternity established abroad

  • The child’s birth certificate; an international or extended version if available
  • Documentation of how the paternity / co-maternity was established, e.g. a declaration, court order or administrative decision
  • Documentation of the identity of the parents and the child, e.g. a passport or valid identity card
  • You and the other parent were married when the child was born. Paternity or co-maternity will follow directly from marriage in most countries. This is called the “pater est” rule.  Paternity or co-maternity is then considered to follow directly from foreign law. The parents must contact the Norwegian Tax Administration if the marriage is entered into abroad, and this is not registered in Norway.
  • Paternity or co-maternity has been established by court order or declaration in one of the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden). You must then contact the Norwegian Tax Administration to have the paternity or co-maternity registered in Norway.