Browsers that can be used

We recommend using one of these browsers on for a good user experience. We also recommend keeping your browser up to date. 

Acrobat Reader

Completion and electronic submission of PDF applications and attachments requires the use of Acrobat Reader. Here you can download the latest version of Acrobat Reader.

Upload attachments

Attachments can be saved and uploaded into your application or you can choose to send in attachments. Maximum size of file attachments is 10 MB per document. Avoid filenames containing spaces and parentheses. File format: PDF or JPEG. Read about how to photograph your attachments with the mobile.

Known issues and solutions

My application has been received "empty / blank" or when previewing form I see that the application is "empty / blank"

  • The browser Google Chrome (Mac or Windows) uses its own PDF reader, which allows you to fill out a form. The command "Save", however, saves only the blank form.
  • You can see if you opened a form in Acrobat Reader, by looking at the top of the screen. There it should be written Acrobat Reader.
  • To open the form in Acrobat Reader: when you click "Open Form", the form will automatically be downloaded to your computer. The file will appear on the download bar at the bottom of Chrome. Click on the arrow to the right of the file and select "Open with Viewer system". The form will then open in Acrobat Reader, if the application has been installed.
  • Read on the website of Google Chrome, if you want more information on the settings of the PDF reader.
  • The problem can also be solved by using a different browser that automatically uses Acrobat Reader.
  • It is recommended that you regularly update additional software like Acrobat Reader for the service to work best.
  • If you have problems with Acrobat Reader, you can try to uninstall or remove the program and then reinstall it (see previous section).

I get "invalid personal identification is entered" or "Java script alert" when I enter my personal identification

  • If you use Google Chrome browser, this browser uses the integrated PDF reader. In some cases, the PDF reader misinterprets java script and gives this error message.
  • The problem can be solved by opening the form in Acrobat Reader. See information at the top of this page.

I get an error message when uploading attachments

  • The maximum file size is 10MB per attachment.
  • Avoid filenames that contain characters other than numbers and letters.

I am told to upload or tick to send attachments later when I press "continue", although I have already done this

  • Check if you have uploaded the application form.
  • Check if you have ticked off that you want to attach a separate document with the application.

I want to know if my application is sent

  • Go to "Dine saker".
  • If you have submitted an application electronically, you will find your application by clicking on the list under “Dine saker”.
  • If you have started an application without completing the submission, you will find it under "commenced applications". Here you can choose to complete the application.

I get an error message when I send my application

  • If you get the error message " Oops noe gikk galt" (403 or 404), it can help to erase the browser history, close your browser, reopen it and try again. You can also try to switch browsers.
  • If this does not help, we recommend starting / commencing a new application. If you still have problems, please contact technical support by phone.

I cannot find "Send" button on the application

Some applications on are digitized, as for example applications for unemployment benefit, AAP, parental benefit and for a car, where you will find the "Send" button at the end of the application process. PDF applications which are not digitized must be stored on your computer and then uploaded, before you can press "Send".

Applications for retirement and disability benefits are also digitized applications, and can be sent from Din Pensjon and Uføre.

I am told to register as a job seeker when I want to apply for unemployment benefit

  • You must be registered as a jobseeker to be entitled to unemployment benefit. NAV pays unemployment benefit at the earliest from the date you are registered as a job seeker. If you have not registered, your application can be refused.
  • If you have registered recently, it may take some time before your status as a jobseeker is updated. Check on “Ditt NAV” / “Din side” to see if you are registered as a jobseeker. If you have status "Registered as a jobseeker", you can move on to the link "I want to apply for unemployment benefit anyway."

Sending attachments / documents later, when the application has been sent by post (not electronically)

If you have sent in an application for unemployment benefit, AAP, parental benefit or a car by post, you must also send attachments / documents by post. We regret that we are not able to provide an electronic solution for these applications if they are sent by post.

I want to save a form, but cannot find "File button"

  • By clicking F9 you can remove and retrieve the toolbar in Acrobat Reader.

Can I send electronic applications from a mobile phone or tablet?

  • A PDF form can be sent from PC, Mac OS/iOS or Android OS. Mac OS: Adobe Acrobat must be used. Mac Preview cannot be used to fill out pdf- files.
  • Mobile surfaces: Mobile surfaces using iOS: You can fill in and submit a PDF-form if you have installed Acrobat Reader and have iOS 10. Mobile surfaces using Android OS: if you have installed Acrobat Reader, you can fill out and send in from this device.
  • Electronic applications for unemployment benefit, AAP and parental benefit may be sent in via PC, Mac OS, Android OS and iPad/iPhone.

I am told to save the PDF document in PNG format

  • PNG is an image format. If you save the document in PNG format or JPEG format, only one page of your application will be saved. To complete and send in your application electronically you must use Acrobat Reader. Here you can download the latest version of Acrobat Reader. You may have to update the program, or remove it and install it again to get it to work.

Mac and Acrobat Reader

  • If you have installed Acrobat Reader and have chosen this program to be your standard choice for viewing pdf-documents, forms will usually be opened in Acrobat Reader.
  • On a Mac a PDF document opens automatically in the program Preview that comes with the operating system. Mac Preview cannot be used to fill out pdf files.
  • Acrobat Reader asks the first time it is opened whether it should be the standard choice. This can also be changed later.
  • If you have Acrobat Reader installed and get an error message, this indicates that you are filling out the form on Preview.

Information in Norwegian.