Reporting occupational injuries and illnesses

Injuries and illnesses that occur in the workplace must be reported to NAV on a standard report form.

Duty to report

As an employer you have a duty to report an occupational illness or injury (National Insurance Act). In addition to injuries and illnesses, the duty to report also includes fatal accidents. Even if you have notified the Labour Inspection Authority, as described in the Working Environment Act, you must notify NAV. This is because NAV shall ensure the rights of the injured party and any survivors. You can read more about the provisions of the Act under Occupational injury and illness.

NAV has five report forms:

  • NAV 13-07.05 - To be used for injuries and illnesses incurred during work on Norwegian or foreign onshore territory.
  • NAV 13-06.05 - To be used for injuries and illnesses incurred in connection with offshore petroleum activities.
  • NAV 13-08.05 - To be used for injuries and illnesses incurred while on military service.
  • NAV 13-07.08 - To be used for injuries and illnesses incurred during service on board ship or during fishing / hunting at sea.
  • NAV 13-10.01 - To be used for injuries and illnesses incurred by a pupil / student.

The forms include a guide. (Two forms including guide are available in English). See forms.

Once you have selected the right form, you are automatically taken to a form completion guide. There is no requirement for attachments to the report forms. Under the submission options, you must choose the first option - A private individual - which applies to cases relating to individuals. You must have the person’s national identity number or D-number available. It is important that you choose this option so that the report form is properly received and registered in NAV. A cover page will also be generated and you must place this at the front of the letter.

When not to submit a report form?

You must not submit a report form to NAV in situations where no occupational injury or illness has occurred, but where it is appropriate to report non-conformities that may / must be reported, for example, under the provisions of the Working Environment Act.

Military personnel with “24-hour social security”

This special national insurance coverage applies among others to conscripts (compulsory military service) and other conscripts / voluntary serving military personnel and conscripts under the Act relating to exemption from military service due to conscience reasons. These personnel are considered to be in service continuously from joining up until demobilisation - also during leave of absence.

This means that all injuries that occur during this time - including strain injuries - must be reported. You can read more about this under Rules and regulations (only available in Norwegian).

Internal registration

The arrangement with a special agreement on internal registration has ceased with effect from 1 October 2013.

Most of the main information about your entitlements and duties is available here in English. There are also links to other more detailed information; however, some of this information is only available in Norwegian.