If the treatment itself has such an effect on you that you cannot work the rest of the day, you can get a sick note for the day the treatment takes place.

  • The person who puts you on sick leave is required to confirm that it is necessary that you do not work because of the treatment.
  • Sick note for individual treatment days is only approved for full days, i.e. 100 per cent sick leave on the day of treatment itself.
  • The sick note shall specify the number of treatment days and the time period for the treatment.
  • A maximum of one day of treatment a week can be used.
  • If it is a case of a treatment programme with several treatment days per week, partial sick note shall be entered. 

How do you apply for sickness benefit for individual treatment days?

  • When the sick leave period is over, you will receive a message from NAV. The digital application is then ready to be filled in. You log in and submit your application from nav.no.
  • Your employer must send income information so that we can calculate what you will have in sickness benefit in connection with the days of treatment.  

The employer liability period is the number of working days you typically work over the course of 16 calendar days. If you have a five-day week, your employer will pay sickness benefit for the first 12 days of treatment.