NAV's training programme involves measures to help jobseekers obtain the qualifications they need to find work. The purpose is to help you qualify for available job openings.

Who is eligible for training?

Training may be an option if you:

  • are looking for work, but have problems entering the labour market due to a lack of formal qualifications or weak basic skills. 
  • have received an assessment of your need for assistance from NAV to find employment, and training is assessed as the best way to do so.

What does training entail?

You can receive support for

  • labour market training (Norwegian abbreviation: AMO)
  • vocational and occupational training at the upper secondary school level or higher vocational training (technical college)
  • higher education

You must be at least 19 years old to be able to participate in labour market training or in vocational or occupational training in upper secondary or higher vocational education.

Labour market training (AMO) consists of short work-oriented courses. The content of AMO courses will often offer theoretical training or a combination of theoretical and practical training, which provides formal skills. Because the courses are based on needs in the labour market, the courses NAV offers in different counties will vary. You can contact the NAV office where you live to get information about current courses in your county.

Vocational and occupational training is training that follows the curricula for vocational subjects at the upper secondary school level. It is also possible to receive support for higher vocational education (technical college).

You can participate in AMO and vocational and occupational training either in the form of an individual place with ordinary course organisers/at schools, or in the form of group initiatives organised by NAV in collaboration with ordinary course organisers/schools.

In some cases, NAV can provide support for higher education. In that case, we provide support so that you can complete your education at a university or university college. To participate in higher education as a scheme under NAV’s direction, you must have completed upper secondary school and be 22 years old. NAV must also have assessed that your ability to work has been reduced. 


NAV’s training programme can have a duration of up to 3 years. Within these limits, the training or education must be tailored to your needs and opportunities available in the employment market.

Good to know

If you receive subsistence benefits - for example unemployment benefit (dagpenger) or work assessment allowance (arbeidsavklaringspenger), you will keep these benefits while you participate in the programme. If not, you may be eligible for specific benefits while participating in an employment scheme (tiltakspenger).

How do you apply?

Contact the NAV office where you live.