Who is eligible for training?

Training may be an option if you:

  • are a jobseekers having trouble finding your place in the labour market because of a lack of qualifications.
  • are at risk of losing a job due to a lack of qualifications.
  • need assistance to return to or enter the work force assessed by NAV, and NAV evaluates training to be the best way to do so.

What does training entail?

Labour market courses (AMO-kurs) tend to be short occupational courses arranged by NAV. You must be 19 years of age to participate in a labour market course. The courses often combine practical tasks and theoretical learning, and may involve some form of traineeship in an ordinary business or organization.

The labour market course offered to a participant of this measure will vary depending on current trends in your nearby labour market. You can get information about courses offered in your area from your local NAV office.

In certain cases, NAV may provide financial support for ordinary education or vocational training for persons with impaired work capabilities. Support for re-schooling/education in this measure is only available to participants who are 26 years of age or older.


Labour market courses can last up to ten months.

The course may be extended by another 6 months if you:

  • are experiencing significant difficulties entering the labour market
  • have not completed an upper secondary education
  • are participating in a municipal or county municipal on-the-job training programme.

Support for an ordinary education is limited to three years.

Within these limitations, the education/training shall be tailored to your needs and to the opportunities available in the local labour market.

Useful information

If you are receiving subsistence benefits (such as unemployment benefits or a work assessment allowance) you will keep those benefits while you participate in this measure. If not, you may be eligible for specific benefits while participating in an employment scheme.

How do you apply?

Please contact your local NAV office.