Time-limited wage subsidy

The purpose of the time-limited wage subsidy scheme is to help increase your chances of getting a job. You will be employed on ordinary terms of pay and employment in a full-time or part-time position, and your employer will receive a subsidy towards your pay.

Who is eligible for time-limited wage subsidy?

Time-limited wage subsidy is intended for people who:

  • are seeking work, but have difficulty entering the labour market on ordinary conditions of pay and work
  • have an employer, but are at risk of falling out of working life after twelve months of full or graded sick leave
  • have had their need for assistance to get work assessed

What is time-limited wage subsidy?

The wage subsidy scheme is a support scheme for employers, and it is the employer who must apply for the subsidy. When you participate in the time-limited wage subsidy scheme, you are employed with ordinary pay and on ordinary terms and conditions of work. You will perform ordinary work in the business. The wage subsidy compensates for lower productivity. You may be temporarily employed for all or part of the subsidy period.

NAV and the employer enter into an agreement determining the duration, the conditions of employment, and the need for special follow-up. In addition, an agreement on special adaptation and follow-up can be entered into, if appropriate, whereby a fixed contact person is appointed at both NAV and the workplace.

NAV can also grant inclusion subsidy to ordinary employers. This subsidy compensates for documented extra expenses linked to adaptation of a workplace or place on a labour market scheme.


You can get time-limited wage subsidy for up to one year, and for up to two years if you have impaired work capability.

How to apply for time-limited wage subsidy

Please contact your local NAV office. NAV will assess, in consultation with you, whether you need the measure. NAV makes the final decision.  

NAV or the employer will set up the agreement by entering information in the solution: AGREEMENT ON WAGE SUBSIDIES 

During a transitional phase, the subsidy can also be applied for using a paper form.  
If you want to send a paper application by post, you will find the form “Avtale om oppstart av lønnstilskudd” [Agreement on the start-up of wage subsidies] under “Form and application”. 

An agreement on wage subsidies must be entered into before the measure is started. NAV will pay the subsidy in arrears based on the claim for reimbursement from the employer. The reimbursement claim must include documentation showing which employee the subsidy pertains to, what has been paid for, the amount in kroner, when it was paid, and proof of payment.