Who is eligible for supplemental benefits and support for school tuition and fees?

 You must meet the specific conditions below to be eligible for benefits as a single mother or father.

  • You and your child must have been members of the National insurance scheme for the previous three years.
  • You and your child must live in Norway.
  • You must be unmarried, divorced or separated.
  • You are caring for your child alone.
  • You must not have be in a relationship with the child's other parent, which would imply you are not really a single mother or father.
  • You must not have a cohabiting partner
  • You are not considered a single mother or father if you are receiving or have previously received single mother or father benefits, and get a new child with the same partner.

You may be exempt from some of these conditions. Please contact NAV, telephone 55 55 33 33 for more information.

If you meet the conditions described above, you may be eligible for supplemental benefits and school benefits.

What can you receive?

Supplemental benefits and support for tuition and fees for education if you are already studying

You may be eligible for supplemental benefits that include economic support to attend school if you are entitled to transitional benefits and are receiving an education that is necessary and appropriate for finding work or keeping your present job. School tution and fees may also cover semester fee and examination fee.

The benefits shall cover the cost of childcare, along with school tuition, school fees, essential school materials and travel. You can also receive benefits to cover extra living expenses and the cost of relocation if these are necessary for your education.

Supplemental benefits for persons registered with NAV as genuine job seekers

If you are entitled to transitional benefits and are registered with NAV as a genuine job seeker, you may be eligible for childcare benefits.

Supplemental benefits if you need to relocate to find work

If you have to move away from home to find work, you may be eligible for NAV's relocation allowance. You can receive a relocation allowance if you are eligible for transitional benefits, or within 6 months after your transitional benefits have expired.

Importent about the transitional benefit period

The transitional benfit is given for a limitied period, You are using from the benefit period even if
you are not receiving transitional benefit, but only apply and become Supplemental benefits.

Forfeiting your benefits

You can lose your single mother or father benefits within one month for these reasons

  • if you quit your work.
  • refuse to accept an offer of work.
  • fail to resume the job you had when your period of parental leave ends.
  • refuse to participate in a labour market schemes/measures or
  • fail to attend a meeting scheduled with NAV
  • you are receiving cash-for-care benefit or there has been a change in the payment of cash-for-care benefit

The benefits that you were granted will be confiscated for the period of time in which you failed to meet these conditions.

If you provide incorrect or misleading information or fail to provide information that is necessary to your case, you may lose the right to such benefits for up to 3 months for the first infraction and up to 6 months for any repeated infractions during a consequential period of 3 years.

How to apply for supplemental benefits and support for school tuition and fees

You need to apply for supplemental benefits (childcare, relocation expenses, commuting/travel) by submitting a application online from nav.no.

You find the Application for school support benefits under "Form and Application". When you Select the form, you will see which enclosures and what sort of documentation you must submit with your application. You must fill in all necessary fields in the form and submit all necessery documentation.

When your claim has been processed, you will receive written notification of the decision. See the processing times in your county.

You can always call NAV, telephone 55 55 33 33 if you need more information or guidance/  help to fill in the form.

Travelling to or from other countries

You are obligated to notify NAV if you intend to leave the country for any extended period of time. You may have right to receive benefit abroad for 6 weeks (42 days) in a 12- months period.

If you disrupt your education or jobseeking activity for leaving the country for holiday/temporarily stay abroad, you will normally no longer receive your single mother/father benefits.

The information enclosed with the letter of decision sent to you by NAV provides information about the deadline for informing NAV that you intend to reside abroad (text in Norwegian)

Report changes

Issues such as changes to income, family situation and/or job/education situation (or if you plan to spend time abroad) may be of significance to the amount you receive from NAV. You are obligated to notify NAV as soon as you are aware of any of these changes or situations. 


There is no set payment date set for receiving supplemental benefits because the date depend on what the supplement is intended to cover.

 Most of the main information about your entitlements and duties is available here in English. There are also links to other more detailed information; however, som of this information is only available in Norwegian.