Rules of calculating disability benefit

  • If you are disabled due to occupational injury / illness, your disability benefit is calculated according to separate rules if this option results in a higher disability benefit.
  • Disability benefit is adjusted according to your period of national insurance cover, which is the time you have been a member of the National Insurance Scheme. A distinction is made between actual and future period of national insurance cover. The Actual period is the time between the age of  16 until the disability occurred, while the Future period is calculated from the time the disability occurred up until the year you turn 66.  Full national insurance cover is 40 years. If you have lived in Norway all your life, you have full national insurance cover. 
  • If you are living with a spouse, partner or are in a cohabiting relationship, you are ensured an annual disability benefit of 2.28 times the National insurance basic amount (G).
  • If you are living with a spouse or partner and receive disability benefit based on the previous disabilty benefit rules (before 1.1.2015): From 1. september 2016, you will be guaranteed a yearly disability benefit of 2,33 times the National insurance basic amount (G).
  • If you are single, the annual benefit is 2.48 times the National insurance basic amount (G).