The Qualification Programme offers training and vocational training to those who have been receiving financial assistance

for a long time or are at risk of ending up in this situation.

What is the Qualification Programme?

The Qualification Programme provides the opportunity to receive follow-up and vocational training. The object of the programme is to provide the follow-up needed to gain work or other meaningful activity.

You and your advisor from the local NAV office can plan the content of the programme together based on your needs and abilities. For example, you can receive guidance on financial advice or advice about your living situation.

The programme is full-time and will include

  • work-oriented activities
  • education and training activities
  • close individual follow-up and guidance

The programme may also include other activities that support and prepare you for the transition to working life. Time may also be set aside for necessary medical treatment.

You will be responsible for following-up your own programme in cooperation with your advisor from your local NAV office.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for the qualification programme, NAV must assess your needs and whether the programme will make it easier for you to find work.

You must

  • be of working age and have significantly reduced working capacity and earning ability.

  • require close follow-up
  • be receiving no or very limited benefits from NAV
  • have undergone a work capability assessment
  • be lawfully resident and have a permanent address in Norway

How much will you receive?

How long can you participate in the Qualification Programme?

The Qualification Programme is 37.5 hours a week, and lasts up to one year.

NAV may extend your programme by one year if NAV considers this appropriate and necessary.

How to apply

Contact your local NAV office to clarify whether you are entitled to participate in the Qualification Programme.


The payment date may vary from municipality to municipality. Read more about Payment dates, holiday pay and tax withholding.

Most of the main information about your entitlements and duties is available here in English. There are also links to other more detailed information; however, some of this information is only available in Norwegian.