Who is eligible for permanent adapted work?

Permanent adapted work is available to persons who have been granted or expect to be granted a disability pension who are able to work if tasks are specially adapted to their situation and who require some follow-up. To participate in the permanent adapted work scheme, you must first be defined as an employee in accordance with the Norwegian Working Environment Act and have a valid written employment contract.

What does permanent adapted work entail?

This scheme is intended to help you develop skills through adapted work and to qualify for an ordinary job producing goods or providing services.

You may also be granted temporary leave from the sheltered business to try your hand at an ordinary job (so-called hospitering). The goal of this measure is to assist participants during the transition from a sheltered business to an ordinary job. Participants in the adapted work scheme can be granted six months of leave to try working at an ordinary job through this measure.


This measure has no time limit. Nevertheless, NAV will carry out regular evaluations as to whether you should be transferred to a different employment scheme, find ordinary work or begin some kind of education.

Good to know

You will receive a disability pension in accordance with the National Insurance Act while participating in this scheme.

How do you apply?

Please contact your local NAV office.