NAV National Office for Social Insurance Abroad or the authorities in the other country handle the maintenance case when one of the parents or the child lives abroad.

The address to NAV National Office for Social Insurance Abroad is: Postboks 8138 Dep, 0033 Oslo, Norway.

Phone number: (+47) 21 07 37 00.

How is child support established?

Child support can be established in the three following ways:

  • You can make a private agreement
  • You can apply to have the child support established by NAV National Office for Social Insurance Abroad or by the authorities in the country in which you live
  • The custodial parent can apply to have the child support established by NAV National Office for Social Insurance Abroad or by the authorities where you live

How do you make a private agreement?

You can freely agree upon the amount of child support that is to be paid. This allows you to adapt the amount of child support to your specific situation. Read more about private agreements.

How does NAV National Office for Social Insurance Abroad establish child support?

The payment is always established by discretion when one of the parents lives abroad. However, the same basic principles apply as when both parents are living in Norway. The cost of living in the parents’ and child’s respective countries is taken into account, in addition to the income levels in each country and differences in exchange rates.

When the child and both parents live in Norway, each of the parents must pay a fee when NAV establishes child support.

If one of you lives outside Norway, NAV will assess in each individual case whether a fee is to be claimed. The decisive factor is whether the agreement or convention that regulates the matter precludes the claiming of a fee. If this is not the case, NAV will claim a fee.

How is child support established abroad?

In most other countries child support is established by judgement or court settlement. If you are applying to establish the child support by a public authority in the country where you reside, you must yourself contact the correct authority/court.

If you live in a country that has ratified the Lugano Convention (Switzerland, Iceland and all EU countries),  you as a non-custodial parent  usually have to apply to establish or change of the payments in the country where the custodial parent lives. I.e. in Norway when he/she lives in Norway. The convention however stipulates that the custodial parent is free to choose in which country the payment is to be established. Norway has ratified the Lugano Convention.

For how long are you obliged to pay child support?

Payments that are established according to Norwegian rules apply up to and including the month the child reaches the age of 18.

When the child has reached the age of 18, the child and the parent that has made the payments, enter into an agreement to continue payment. If the child continues normal schooling after he or she has turned 18, the child can put forward a claim to NAV National Office for Social Insurance Abroad to have child support established above the age of 18. Normal schooling is primarily to be understood as schooling at a secondary level. When NAV establishes child support to children after the age of 18, payment is always time-limited.

Collection of child support

Initially the chils support should be settled in private by the non-custodial parent transferring the payment directly to the custodial parent. The custodial parent may seek help from NAV to collect the payment.

The custodial parent may receive assistance from Norwegian authorities to collect payment. An application can be submitted to NAV National Office for Social Insurance Abroad. NAV will subsequently contact the authorities in the country where you reside. The collected payments will be sent from this authority to NAV, which subsequently forwards payment to the custodial parent.

When NAV collects child support, it is not distinguished between payments established by NAV, foreign authorities or private agreements. NAV must however always receive a copy of the decision/judgement/agreement.

How do you proceed when you want NAV to establish the child support?

You must complete forms NAV 54‑00.05 and NAV 54‑00.15. (See under Forms). While filling out the form, you will find an overview of the documentation that must be submitted as attachments.

There are limitations to how far back in time NAV can establish child support for.

When you put forward a claim to have child support altered, the alteration will usually be made effective from the month after the claim was received (if the conditions for altering child support are met).

Notification of the decision

Both parties will receive a notification of our decision when NAV National Office for Social Insurance Abroad has handled the claim.

Most of the main information about your entitlements and duties is available here in English. There are also links to other more detailed information; however, som of this information is only available in Norwegian.