Who can participate?

Job club is a course for people who are registered as a jobseeker with NAV. There are no formal admission requirements.

What does job club involve?

In a job club, you will receive guidance in identifying your own skillset and how to market your skills to employers. You will learn how to write a CV and fill out applications for suitable jobs and other relevant training that will boost your opportunities to find employment. You will receive information about the local and national labour market. In addition, you will receive interview training and instructions in how to use your network to land a job. 


Job club usually lasts a few weeks. The duration can vary between the different courses. 

Good to know

If you receive benefits from NAV, you will be able to keep the benefits while you participate in a job club. If you do not receive benefits from NAV, you can apply for individual employment scheme benefits (tiltakspenger). This benefit is payable for each day you participate in a job club. You can also apply for a travel allowance while you participate in a job club.

How do you apply?

If you need targeted support in connection with a job search, you and your NAV counsellor will jointly assess whether job club is for you. Your NAV counsellor can submit your application for the scheme. If you think job club can be useful to you, register as a jobseeker and contact your NAV office.