New rates from January 1st. 2020.

Funeral grant

Funeral grant is means-tested, and up to NOK 24,734 may be granted to cover actual, necessary expenses incurred for funeral arrangements.

When the deceased is over 18 years of age, the supplement will be offset against [the deceased’s] capital and service pension paid to the deceased for the month following death, and insurance sums and similar paid as a result of death.

When the deceased is under 18, the funeral grant will be paid for funeral expenses in full, up to NOK 24,734.

Coffin transportation

When a member of the National Insurance Scheme dies in Norway, and the coffin containing the remains has to be transported 20 kilometres or more in order to reach the cemetery closest to the former residence of the deceased, the cost may be covered if it exceeds NOK 2,473. This deductable will also apply when the deceased is below 18 years old.

Special rules apply when the death occurs outside Norway. There are also special rules when the death is due to occupational injury.  

When do you have to apply?

You must apply no later than 6 months after death occured.

How do you apply?

The application form contains information and guidance. It is important that you read this before you complete the form.

Apply using the form " Krav om gravferdsstønad - NAV 07-02.08

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