The schemes Work with assistance and Follow-up got merged into one follow-up measure 1th of January 2015. This merge will be completed by the end of 2016.

What is Follow-up?

Follow-up is a measure for those who need extensive assistance to gain or keep a job. The Follow-up measure is tailored to your individual needs based on your options on the labour market.

You can get practical assistance to

  • find suitable tasks or employers beyond those you have already tried
  • adapt your work or work situation
  • further guidance

NAV has agreements with a number of guides who can provide the support you need in a transition period. NAV collaborate with you in evaluating whether you need "assessment" measures.

When you are employed

If you are employed (for example, if you are on sick leave) the follow-up must take place in connection with your job. If returning to your current job is not an option, the follow-up aim to transition you to a different job. Prior to the start of the follow-up measures, NAV must have received a follow-up plan in which your employer documents that the company has tried or evaluated measures to enable you to return to work, and that they have found that these cannot be implemented.

When you are unemployed

The follow-up will focus on strengthening your skills and motivation as a jobseeker, and to provide help in the process. You will get necessary and sufficient follow-up both while looking for work and when starting ordinary work, and if necessary you will also receive assistance in adapting your work situation.


The Follow-up measure may last up to six months. The measure can be extended by another six months, and in certain circumstances it can be extended for up to three years.


If you receive benefits to cover your day to day expenses (such as sickness benefits, unemployment benefits or work assessment allowance), you will continue to receive these benefits while participating in follow-up measures. If you do not receive any such benefits, you may be entitled to Tiltakspenger ("Support when participating in measures"), which are to cover your day to day expenses while you participate in the employment measure.

How do you apply?

We recommend that you contact your local NAV office. NAV makes the final decision and refers participants to Follow-up. If you are on sick leave, the medical professional who issued your medical certificate must be notified of the referral.