What is financial assistance?

Financial assistance is a temporary income. The aim of this benefit is to help persons become financially independent as soon as possible.

Before you can receive financial assistance, you must consider all other options for supporting yourself.

NAV makes a specific, individual assessment of your need for assistance. This includes your need for guidance and follow-up and how much support you can receive.

Who is entitled to financial assistance?

In order to receive financial assistance you must

  • have legal residence in Norway. In order to have full rights, you must have legal residence (lovlig opphold) and habitual recidence (fast bopel).
  • be unable to support yourself through gainful employment, with your own savings or with the aid of other financial rights.

You are not entitled to financial assistance when you live abroad.

Everyone has the right to submit an application for financial assistance and have it assessed. You are entitled to a response through an administrative decision. The NAV office cannot turn down an application orally.

How much will you receive?

Your NAV office makes a discretionary assessment regarding your necessary subsistence costs.

There are government and recommended rates and guidelines for calculating financial assistance. Some municipalities also have their own rates.

How to apply

You must apply to your local NAV office. The NAV office will usually want to talk to you so that together you can discuss your need for assistance.

The NAV office will require information about your income, expenses and personal circumstances, such as your family situation, household size, where you live, housing situation, age, life situation and health. If you have children, NAV will take special consideration for their needs, such as school and recreational activities.

Your case information must be documented. NAV determines what is adequate documentation. Examples of documentation include: 

  • ID card
  • valid residence permit
  • tax assessment/tax return
  • tax settlements
  • pay slips
  • Account overviews showing all your accounts with balance
  • bank statements (If any necessary information can not be documented in any other way. You can overwrite text that is not relevant to the matter)
  • your tenancy agreement
  • copies of bills showing your expenses in relation to , rent, mortgages, electricity, kindergarten, day care, before and after-school programmes, recreational activities
  • fixed or high expenses for health and / or dental treatment

Contact your local NAV office for an application form. If necessary, your local NAV office can help you fill out your application form.

Other relevant services

If you have low income and trouble paying your rent or mortgage, housing allowance may be part of the solution. Read more about housing allowance at husbanken.no.  

Notify changes

If there are changes in your situation that may have an impact on the calculation of the amount you receive from NAV, you must notify NAV immediately.

The processing time

The processing time for financial assistance varies. If it is more than one month, you will receive a provisional reply. If your need for help is acute, you should receive a prompt response.


Each municipality determines its own payment dates. Read more about Payment dates, holiday pay and tax withholding.

Most of the main information about your entitlements and duties is available here in English. There are also links to other more detailed information; however, som of this information is only available in Norwegian.