Participants in an employment preparation training programme will receive training or adapted vocational training and follow-up with the goal of later finding regular employment.

Who are eligible for employment preparation training?

Employment preparation training is intended for individuals with reduced work capability who need occupational assistance to find a job.

What does the employment preparation training programme entail?

The employment preparation training programme offers assessment, job testing, vocational training and on-the-job training. The goal is to improve the participant’s chances of finding a job.

The programme emphasizes testing and training in a regular workplace after an initial phase of preparatory activities in an adapted work environment. The programme also includes assessment of the individual’s competence and career guidance. The programme may also include adapted training to contribute to the individual learning a trade.


Employment preparation training usually has a horizon of one year, with the possibility of extending the programme for another year. Participants in an employment preparation training programme are not employed by the programme organizer. Programme duration is adjusted in accordance with the participant’s needs, given his or her options in the labour market.

Good to know

Recipients of subsistence benefits, such as work assessment allowance, will keep their benefits while participating in the programme. Those who do not receive subsistence benefits may be eligible for benefits while participating in employment schemes.

How to apply

Contact your local NAV office.