What does assessment entail?

Assessment is available to both the employed and unemployed. The scheme is also an option for persons on long-term sick leave who wish to re-enter the labour market.

Assessment entails extra assistance for you and/or your employer to chart or test your work capabilities.

It may be necessary to chart or assess

  • whether you will be able to continue working at the same job if your working situation and/or work tasks need to be adapted to your capabilities
  • what assistance or adaptations you need to get a job
  • your skills, competences and opportunities

You may also be offered

  • information and knowledge about the labour market, vocations, occupations and job requirements
  • guidance in choosing occupational goals and areas of work
  • a chance to try out different vocations at new or different places of work

If you are currently employed

If you are already employed but are on sick leave, the assessment can take place at your place of work. NAV will try to chart the possibilities your employer has to adapt the workplace or working environment to your needs. Assessment can also take place at another company or organization, or at the office of the agency that provides services for this measure.

Assessment is only offered if your employer has attempted to adapt your working situation and found that the changes were not beneficial. Prior to starting an assessment, NAV must have received a follow-up plan in which your employer documents the company's attempts to implement or evaluate measures to enable you to return to work and found that these cannot be implemented.

If you are unemployed

If you are unemployed, assessment will take place at the office of an agency that provides services for this measure, or at your workplace with the assistance of that agency. You will be provided with guidance and help to chart opportunities that are available to you to find employment suited to your capabilities.


Assessment generally lasts up to four weeks. If needed, the assessment can be extended to eight weeks. NAV shall evaluate your situation after each four-week period.

Good to know

If you are receiving subsistence benefits (such as sickness benefits or a work assessment allowance) you will keep those benefits while participating in assessment measures. If not, you may be eligible for a specific benefits while participating in an employment scheme.

How do you apply?

Please contact your local NAV office for more information. NAV will confer with you to determine whether assessment is beneficial in your situation. NAV will make the final decision as to whether you shall participate in the measure and shall refer you to a suitable agency that can provide services of this kind.

If you are currently on sick leave, the person who processed your case will be informed about NAV's referral.

Most of the main information about your entitlements and duties is available here in English. There are also links to other more detailed information; however, som of this information is only available in Norwegian.