Life certificates to pension recipients abroad

Life certificates for 2021 will be sent to pension recipients living abroad in early April. The deadline for submitting the living certificate is 5 June 2021.

In this context, pension means retirement pension from the National Insurance Scheme, war pension and pension from the Norwegian Public Service Pension.

The life certificate check for 2021 includes recipients over the age of 70, who are registered as living 

  • in countries outside the EEA (except Chile and Peru)
  • in the EEA member states Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia

A reminder will be sent to recipients who do not submit their life certificate within the reply deadline. If the reminder also fails to generate a response, NAV will consider stopping your payments. 

The signing and confirmation of the life certificate

The life certificate should be signed by the pensioner himself/herself. In addition, two witnesses (two legally capable persons), or a public authority where the pensioner is living, should confirm that the pensioner is alive.

Due to limited capacity during the Covid 19 pandemic, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs requests you not to contact Norwegian foreign stations for confirmation of the life certificate. The signature of two witnesses is sufficient.

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