Entry ban during the pandemic – compensation for lost income

The entry ban expires on September 25, and the right to compensation ceases from the same time. You can still get compensation for periods up to and including 25 September.
  • You cannot get to work in Norway because of the entry ban, and you are therefore losing pay (pensionable income on which you pay tax).
  • You are a citizen of an EEA member state (including Switzerland) or a resident of another country that has a social security agreement with Norway (Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands or Austria) and are currently in an EEA country. British citizens are included through the separation agreement with Norway. More about Norway’s social security agreements.
  • You have either a Norwegian national identity number or a D number.
  • You live outside Norway. That is, you are not registered as living in Norway.
  • You were employed and had started working in Norway on 29 January 2021.
  • You had been working for an employer or receiving income from NAV for four weeks before the date from which compensation is being applied for.
  • If you are temporarily laid off and receive unemployment benefits, you are not entitled to this compensation.
  • You will not qualify for compensation under this scheme if you are registered as living in Norway. You will also not receive compensation if you have Norwegian citizenship. In both of these cases, you are not affected by the entry restrictions and can enter Norway. 
  • If you have income from another job where you are staying, you are not entitled to compensation for days with income. The same applies if you receive payments from the authorities in your country of residence.
  • It is not a requirement that you are sick.
  • The days for which you receive payment under this scheme do not count towards the maximum number of days for which you can receive sickness benefit in connection with absence due to sickness. 
  • You will not receive holiday pay from the pay you receive through this scheme.
  • whether you are a Norwegian citizen 
  • whether you are a citizen of an EEA country
  • whether you are registered as living in Norway 
  • whether you have a Norwegian national identity number or D number
  • whether you are registered as being in active employment in the Register of Employees and Employers (the Aa register)
  • whether the employment relationship was reported after 29 January 2021
  • whether you are receiving other payments from NAV
  • what income you are registered as having with the Norwegian Tax Administration