Entry ban during the pandemic – compensation for lost income

If you cannot get to work in Norway due to the ban on entry into Norway during the pandemic, you can have part of your lost income covered. This scheme came into force on 29 January and will remain in place until the entry ban is lifted.

Who is entitled to compensation?

  •  You cannot get to work in Norway because of the entry ban, and you are therefore losing pay (pensionable income on which you pay tax).
  • You are a citizen of an EEA member state (including Switzerland) or a resident of another country that has a social security agreement with Norway (Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands or Austria) and are currently in an EEA country. British citizens are included through the separation agreement with Norway. More about Norway’s social security agreements.
  • You have either a Norwegian national identity number or a D number.
  • You live outside Norway. That is, you are not registered as living in Norway.
  • You were employed and had started working in Norway on 29 January 2021.
  • You had been working for an employer or receiving income from NAV for four weeks before the date from which compensation is being applied for.

Who is not entitled to compensation?

  • If you are temporarily laid off and receive unemployment benefits, you are not entitled to this compensation.
  • You will not qualify for compensation under this scheme if you are registered as living in Norway. You will also not receive compensation if you have Norwegian citizenship. In both of these cases, you are not affected by the entry restrictions and can enter Norway. 
  • If you have income from another job where you are staying, you are not entitled to compensation for days with income. The same applies if you receive payments from the authorities in your country of residence.

If you have knowingly breached the Norwegian government’s travel advice, you may be denied compensation. The Norwegian authorities advise against all non-essential international travel. Within this scheme, travelling to your own place of residence is considered essential travel and thus entitle to compensation. NAV will base its decision on the employer’s assessment.

NAV will conduct checks to verify the information afterwards to prevent misuse of the scheme.

How much are you entitled to?

You will receive 70 % of the amount you would have received in sickness benefit if you had been off work sick, limited upwards to 70 % of 6 times the National Insurance basic amount (“6G”).  This means that the most you can receive is NOK 35,472 a month.

If you receive other payments from NAV, such as 50 % sickness benefit or parental benefit, you will receive compensation for that part where you should have been at work.

How will you receive the compensation?
Your employer is obliged to pay you the money you are entitled to. 

If your employer does not pay you the compensation in accordance with this scheme, you can submit an application yourself. The application form for this is not available yet. Check for updates on this page.
If you have taken holiday (annual leave) after 29 January, you can arrange with your employer for these holiday days to be converted into working days for which you can receive compensation. Note: this is not something you are entitled to – it is up to your employer to decide whether to allow you to do this.

Self-employed persons and freelancers

This scheme only applies to employees, not to freelancers and self-employed persons. If you are self-employed or work freelance, you can apply for other forms of compensation.

More about the scheme

Although the scheme is broadly based on the regulations for sickness benefit, there are a number of important differences: 

  • It is not a requirement that you are sick.
  • The days for which you receive payment under this scheme do not count towards the maximum number of days for which you can receive sickness benefit in connection with absence due to sickness. 
  • You will not receive holiday pay from the pay you receive through this scheme.

The processing of your personal data

Once your employer has paid you 70 % compensation, the employer will apply to NAV for reimbursement of this money. The application will be processed automatically by NAV. If the system is unable to process the application because some information needs to be checked more closely, the application will be sent for manual processing by a claims assessor. The claims assessor does not make any additional assessments compared with the automated system; rather the claims assessor makes the assessments instead of the automated system when the system is unable to interpret the information.

NAV collects the following information automatically in accordance with the rules for this scheme:

  • whether you are a Norwegian citizen 
  • whether you are a citizen of an EEA country
  • whether you are registered as living in Norway 
  • whether you have a Norwegian national identity number or D number
  • whether you are registered as being in active employment in the Register of Employees and Employers (the Aa register)
  • whether the employment relationship was reported after 29 January 2021
  • whether you are receiving other payments from NAV
  • what income you are registered as having with the Norwegian Tax Administration

Read about how we process your personal data in NAV’s privacy notice.

Information to the employer

Here you can read what we say to the employer.