Use this form to list any work you did in that period and the schemes or specific measures you participated in, and any absence from work, schemes or measures during those 14 days, and to confirm that you are still registered with NAV as a job seeker for the next period. Payments are calculated and based on the information you provide on this form.

It is important to fill in the employment status form correctly and submit it at the correct time of the month. Your benefits will not be paid until NAV receives your employment status form.

Use this link to find more information on how to submit the employment status form online, and use this link to find more information about submitting the paper version of the form.

How do I fill in the employment status form?

More information about the employment status form is available here.

Question 1 - Work

If you have worked at any time during the period for the employment status form you are filling in, you must list all hours worked for each day of work. You may work as many hours as you wish while receiving these benefits without a deduction being made from your benefits.

If you are absent from any days of your employment scheme because you were working, your benefits will be deducted for the amount of those days. In addition to crossing off the box in which you notify NAV of any work done during the period, you must also cross off "annet fravær" (other absence) in Question 4 for all the days you worked and were therefore unable to participate in your employment scheme. Please refer to the information below on Question 4.

Question 2 - Activity/workshops/training/education

If you agreed with NAV to participate in a scheme, workshop, training or education or another organized activity, you must answer "Yes" and cross off for the days you participated in the activity.

You shall list the days you attended or should have attended the activity/scheme. That means, as long as you participate in the scheme on a daily basis you shall cross off to confirm that you participated the entire week (Monday to Friday), which includes the days you were absent from the scheme because you participated in other activities that were agreed on. If you are not scheduled to participate in a scheme on a public holiday or for vacation, you shall still cross off this box to confirm that you participated in the scheme on those days.

Question 3 - Sickness absence

If you did not participate in a scheme due to illness, you shall answer "Yes" to the days you have been absent. You must also notify the person responsible for the scheme in which you are participating on the first day of absence.

You are entitled to full benefits for the first 3 days of illness. If your illness lasts more than 3 days, you will be paid 75 percent of the benefits for the remainder of the employer-financed sick leave period. The employer-financed sick leave period amounts to 16 working days. You must have a sickness report from a doctor from day 4 to be entitled to employment scheme benefits for more than 3 days.

If you were not absent due to illness, please answer "No" to this question.

Question 4 - Vacation and other absence

You shall list the days that you were absent for reasons other than illness (annet fravær) if you were unable to participate in your scheme. This applies to absence from a scheme because of work, to care for a sick child, or due to vacation (not your annual scheduled vacation that pertains to the scheme).

You must also notify the person responsible for the scheme in which you are participating on the first day of absence. You must also contact NAV by phone (55 55 33 33) if the reason for your absence entitles you to payment of benefits.

Acceptable grounds for absence that entitle a participant to his or her benefits are e.g. job interviews, appointments scheduled with public health services or to care for a sick child. You need to document the child's illness (or the illness of the childminder) in order for the absence to be valid.

Question 5 - Stay registered with NAV

If you still want to participate in your scheme or still want NAV to help you find work, you need to answer "Yes" to this question. This is true regardless of whether you receive money from NAV or not.

If you answer "No" you will no longer be registered as a job seeker with NAV. You will then forfeit your right to receive benefits while participating in an employment scheme. You will not receive more employment status forms. You will not be sent offers from NAV about possible jobs, measures, schemes or other assistance in finding work through the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration.

If you wish to register as a job seeker again, you need to register with NAV again at (text in Norwegian) or contact NAV by phone.

You must also contact NAV to begin receiving employment scheme benefits again.

Contact the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV)

If you have questions about the employment status form, please call NAV at this number: 55 55 33 33.

You can ask for a written response to your questions to remove any doubt as to what NAV's responses were.

Most of the main information about your entitlements and duties is available here in English. There are also links to other more detailed information; however, some of this information is only available in Norwegian.