Who can receive sickness benefit?

  • You must have been working for at least four weeks. Working hours in other EEA countries are included.
  • The reason you cannot work must be your own illness or injury.
  • You lose your pensionable income while you are ill. This is income you have received as wages and paid tax on.
  • Your income must equal at least fifty per cent of the basic amount in the National Insurance Scheme (1/2 G, Grunnbeløpet).

In order to be entitled to sickness benefit, you must submit a self-certificate (egenmelding) or medical certificate (sick note, sykmelding).  

Because the right to sickness benefit begins on the day your employer has been notified that you are ill, you must notify your employer as soon as possible. If you are ill longer than your self-certification days, you must contact your doctor.

How much are you entitled to?

The rules for sickness benefit vary, depending on the type of work you have. 

Only income that you have received in Norway is used for the calculation of sickness benefit.

In the event of partial sick leave, you are entitled to sickness benefit for the part you are ill. Sickness benefit can be graded from 100 per cent down to 20 per cent.

How long are you entitled to sickness benefit?

You can receive sickness benefit for a maximum of 52 weeks. The number of weeks applies whether you are fully or partially on sick leave. If you received sickness benefit from another EEA country before you started working in Norway, these days can be counted.

In order to receive sickness benefit again, you must have been fully recovered for 26 weeks after you last received sickness benefit from NAV.

If you are still ill and cannot work when your sickness benefit ends, you may be entitled to other financial support such as work assessment allowance or disability benefit. In the event, you must apply to NAV for these benefits.

How do you apply for sickness benefit while in Norway? 

To obtain a digital application for sickness benefit, you need BankID or other electronic ID. If you do not have such an ID, ask your doctor for a sick note on paper. You will then use Part D of the sick note to apply for sickness benefit.

NAV also needs income information: 

  • If you are employed by an employer, your employer will send your income report to NAV.
  • If you are self-employed, you submit the income information yourself. You can send the information from the form guide or by post to the same address as Part D.

Sickness benefit when you are travelling

If you are considering travelling while on sick leave, there are a few things you need to check in advance. If your trip prevents you from fulfilling the duties you have while you are on sick leave, you will not be allowed to keep your sickness benefit. Read about what you need to do before you travel.

If you become ill in another EEA country

If you work in Norway and become ill while in another EEA country, you are entitled to sickness benefit under Norwegian law. You must immediately notify the social security authorities in the country.

A foreign sick note is equated with a Norwegian sick note and is considered an application for sickness benefit. In addition, you must submit a self-certification note.

Under Norwegian law, a sick note on form E116 from the doctor treating you in the EEA country where you are may be required. The doctor must send the sick note to Norway immediately after the medical examination. At the same time, the social security authorities in the EEA country shall apply for sickness benefit on your behalf on form E 115. 

Please send the papers to this address:

NAV Work and Benefits P.O. Box 6600 Etterstad 0607 Oslo


Administrative processing can start when NAV has received the application, the income report and, if applicable, the self-certification note.

You can read about processing times to see when you usually will have the money in your account.

More information

You can contact the office for international cases by phone on +47 21 07 37 00. If you are in Norway, call 55 55 33 33.