This scheme is applicable if your health is such that you can return to work, but not to the job you had when you became ill.

Who can be reported fit for employment?

The scheme applies to everyone entitled to sickness benefit, i.e. employees, self-employed persons and freelancers. These two requirements must be met:

  • Your employment has been terminated in accordance with the Working Environment Act.
  • You are registered with NAV as a jobseeker.

In practice, this means:

  • You turn in your notice for the job you are on sick leave from.
  • Your doctor will give you a sick note with a fit for work date and confirm that it is your health that is causing you to leave the job you have.
  • NAV must have a written confirmation that your employment has ended on the day you have been reported fit for work.

What can you receive?

You can receive sickness benefit for up to 12 weeks while looking for a new job. You fill out the work registration card (meldekort) during these weeks. If you have not found a new job by that time, you can apply for unemployment benefit. 

The maximum period of sickness benefit is 52 weeks, including the weeks you have been reported fit for work to employment services.

How to apply

Both the NAV office and your doctor can take the initiative to report you as fit for employment in connection with their follow-up of you up while you are ill. The NAV office can initiate dialogue with both your doctor and your employer, and you can take the initiative yourself. Your counsellor at the NAV office will also assess whether there is anything that can make it easier for you to find a new job. Feel free to contact your NAV office about the possibilities.