You are required to provide correct information to NAV

Any changes in your situation that may affect the payment you receive from the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) must immediately be reported to your local NAV office.

Specific rules apply to the different benefits paid by NAV. If you are not sure whether the change in your situation will affect your payments, you can find more information in the letter we have sent you advising you of our decision in your case. You can also find more information about your duty to inform us of changes in your situation on the page related to the benefit you are receiving at  

For example, you must notify us if:

  • you start earning more or less than you have previously told us
  • there are changes in your family situation
  • you will be working more than you have told us
  • you will be staying abroad
  • you are uncertain whether changes in your situation or income may affect the payment you receive from NAV

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Have you received too little or too much money from NAV?

In order for you to be paid the correct amount, we depend on you to provide correct information and report when there are changes in your situation or income. If you provide incomplete or erroneous information, you may be paid the wrong amount.