Search tips

The search results list matches from pages with information about benefits and services provided by NAV. If you want search results from other categories, check the relevant boxes in the filter menu.

To find your local NAV office, we recommend that you log on to Missing electronic ID? Or are you looking for a NAV office on behalf of someone else? Then you can find NAV office by postal code or place/city.

Search tips for the most relevant results

If you get too many results:

  • Try searching for a more specific term.
  • Use quotation marks (“ ”) to search for a phrase, e.g. “unemployment benefit payment”. This will only list matches from pages where the words appear in the same order.
  • Searching for more than one word at the same time will list matches that include one or more of the words you searched for.
  • You may sort the results by date by clicking “Date” at the top. Doing so will list the matches with the most recent changes first.
  • Limit your search by using the filter menu to the right.

If you get few or no results:

  • Try searching for a more general term or use synonyms to your original search to find more matches.
  • Use an asterisk (*) to search for the first part of a term when you want to see matches for several different terms that have the same beginning. For example, searching for work* will show results for both work assessment allowance and working conditions.
  • If you enter several words in the search box, AND is automatically added between words. Consequently, if you search for mental health problems, for example, you will only see results that include all three words. If the search results are too limited, try searching for only one of the words, e.g. mental.

Do not enter any sensitive information into the search query. You must log on to if you want to see personal information about yourself.