Most people who live in Norway are registered with only one address in the National Population Register, but you may give two:

  • the address where you are living (home address)
  • the address to which you would like your mail sent (postal address)

NAV receives both these addresses from the National Population Register. If you have given both a home and a postal address to the National Population Register, NAV will send your mail to your postal address. You can see your registered address at If you want to change your postal address you have to register the new adress on the website

Do you want mail from NAV to be sent to another address?

If you would like NAV to send your mail to another address, you may request a temporary postal address in NAV. The simplest way to change your temporary address is to use the self-service options "Ditt NAV" or "Din pensjon" at, but you can also notify your temporary postal address on a hardcopy form.

You must state your National ID no. or D-number in order to change your address.

How long can a temporary address last?

A temporary postal address in NAV may be valid for up to one year. If you require a temporary address for longer than one year, you should send notification of your new postal address to the National Population Register. Your temporary postal address in NAV may be extended, but you must notify us of this. You can call NAV Contact Centre on telephone +47 55 55 33 33.

When your temporary postal address in NAV has expired, NAV will use the address under which you are registered in the National Population Register.

You must always notify the National Population Register of any permanent change in your postal address. 

Notify of other changes

If you change address and at the same time there are other changes that will affect your case with NAV, you must notify NAV of these changes. For example, this may be if you have a live-in partner, separate from your cohabiting partner, have a child or move abroad. You will find information on this in the letter we have sent you advising of our decision in your case. Send the completed form to:

NAV Økonomi PensjonPb 6600, Etterstad0607 Oslo