Remember to apply at the right time

In order to receive parental benefit in time and prevent you from waiving your rights, you must stay informed of the time limits that apply.

To determine the amount of your parental benefit, NAV needs information from you and your employer about which income and employment you have. Regarding mother’s parental benefit, NAV also needs your doctor/GP/Midwife to document when the child is expected (date). This must be dated in the 26th week of pregnancy or later. 

The child must be born before NAV can process father's application. 

NAV can not process your application unless we have updated information.

To be sure that your application will be processed before you start your parental benefit period, please note the processing times (text in norwegian) in your county.

If the processing is for example 9 weeks,you apply 9 weeks before you start your parental benefits period. 

You may be granted parental benefit for up to 3 months back in time, counted from the day NAV received your application.

You will not be granted parental benefit back in time if you have applied too late for postponement or graded parental benefit.  

The same demands regarding income and employment apply if you are going to be a father and you are entitled to parental benefit while the mother is a recipient of a lump-sum grant. In this case, know that in order to fully utilize your parental benefit period, you must start your leave of absence immediately after the 6 weeks that are allotted for the mother.

You can apply for parental benefit and lump-sum grant electronically.

If you wish to postpone

You may postpone your parental benefit until your child is older. You will then have to submit an application for postponement.
If you wish to postpone your paternal quota because of full time work, your application for postponement must be received by NAV no later than the final day of the shared period. This date is specified in the letter informing the mother of the right to parental benefit. If your application is received too late, you will lose days. For example, if your application is received five days late, you will lose five days of your paternal quota.

If you want to use the paternal quota right after the shared period, you shall not submit an application for postponement.

Graded parental benefit

If you want to combine part-time work with parental benefit, you have to send NAV an application before you start working part-time. If you submit your claim too late, you will be left with fewer days to distribute over an extended time period.

Example: If you start work on 1 June and you do not submit your claim until 15 June, you will not be able to extend your benefit period using the 15 days when you have both claimed parental benefits and worked part-time. In addition, NAV may demand reimbursement for any excess parental benefits paid to you while you were working part-time. In this example, you have to submit your claim before 1 June.


If you have applied for parental benefit and wish to change the timeperiod, you have to apply before the change takes place. If you for example want to postpone the period because of holidays, NAV must have received your application before your holiday starts.