Financial advice and debt counselling

NAV can give you financial advice if you have payment or debt problems. The purpose of this service is to help you so that you are able to manage your own finances.

It is important to seek help as soon as possible. This service is free.

Who can use this service?

You may request financial advice

  • if you do not have the funds to cover basic needs
  • if you are having difficulties paying bills and servicing your debt
  • When you are applying for financial assistance.

What help can you receive?

NAV tailors its advice to your needs. For example, NAV can help you prepare an overview of your financial situation and set up a realistic budget.

NAV can also help you

  • find out how you can reduce your expenses
  • make agreements with those you owe money
  • write an application for deferment of payment
  • obtain information about rights and obligations
  • enter into a debt settlement agreement
  • negotiate with creditors
  • contact the Execution and Enforcement Commissioner

If your local NAV office does not have expertise in all areas, you will be informed who to contact to get the help you need.

What you can do yourself

In order to receive the best possible help from NAV, you must submit all required information. NAV will then have a comprehensive overview and can make suggestions for action you can take.

Therefore, prior to the meeting with NAV you should obtain the following documentation:

  • a copy of your last tax assessment
  • all your bank account balances
  • a copy of your tenancy or sub-letting agreement to document living expenses
  • wage earnings and social security benefits in the last three months
  • documentation of any housing allowance
  • information about your loans, credit debt, etc.
  • receipt for paid rent and electricity
  • doctor, physiotherapists, chiropractor and dentist expenses
  • day-care, before and after school programmes or other child care expenses
  • insurance expenses
  • information about deposits in savings schemes

If you have received a “request for execution” or a summons to the conciliation board, you can bring this with you.

How to seek help

Call NAV's financial advice service on NAV Gjeldsrådgivning or chat with us about your financial problems.

You can also contact and agree to meet an adviser at your local NAV office or in the municpiality where you live.

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