Payment information from NAV goes digital

It is possible to check your payment information under the heading “Ditt NAV” at NAV has mostly stopped sending payments messages by mail. If you are not able to use the internet to access “Ditt NAV”, you may call the NAV Call and Service Centre and have your payment information read out.

You will receive your payments as usual.

It is only payment messages that are not sent by mail or to your secure digital mailbox. Your benefits will paid into your account on the usual payment dates. Your bank statement will show the payments you have received from NAV and your tax card will show you what you pay in tax.

Until further notice, only payments messages for care benefit, attendance allowance, sickness benefit and parental benefit will be sent by mail or to your digital mailbox.

NAV sends a change notification if your benefits are changed over and above adjustments and rate changes. If you have opted out of having a digital mailbox, letters regarding the changes will be sent to you by mail. NAV always sends notification if your pension changes over and above adjustments and rate changes.

Good overview on “Ditt NAV”

When you login to Ditt NAV, you will see the payments you are receiving and that you will be paid. You can see your payments 3 months back in time. Pensioners and disability pensioners may see payments 4 years back in time at “Din pensjon” and “Uføretrygd”.

Printout in special cases

In special cases you may receive a printout of your payment messages sent by mail. The NAV adviser will, together with the person calling, consider whether there is a need for a printout in each case. Special cases for requiring a printout may be documentation for a loan application or for a complaint against possible erroneous payment and a few other circumstances.


There are two types of authorisation for pensioners and disability pensioners. One allows access to “Din pensjon” and “Ditt NAV” and the other authorises a person to call NAV Call and Service Centre on behalf of another. 

  • Authorisation that provides read access to the payment information on “Din Pensjon” and “Ditt NAV” is granted when you are logged in to Din Pensjon under the heading “Fullmakter”.
  • Authorisation to call NAV Call and Service Centre to receive information about NAV payments is granted by printing out an authorisation form, signing it and sending it to NAV by mail. However, this authorisation does not allow access to the payment messages on “Ditt NAV” or “Din pension”. 

Help to self-help

If you are unsure about how to login and find your payment information on “Ditt NAV”, see the user instructions (pdfl).

NAV Call and Service Centre can help

If you have questions about the amount you have received and are unable to use “Ditt NAV”, you may call NAV. Pensioners call 55 55 33 34 and all others call 55 55 33 33.

No one can opt out

Your payment information is available on “Ditt NAV” even if you have opted against digital communication with the public authorities. It is not possible to opt out of digital payment messages.

Have you used your payment slip at the pharmacy?

Payment messages are not documentation of exemption from co-payments at the pharmacy. The pharmacies check whether a person has an exemption card.



What is digitalisation?

Digital services mean that information is available online. The Government requires all government agencies to make their services digital. This requirement is the reason why NAV will no longer send your payment information by mail, but will make it available on “Ditt NAV” instead. “Ditt NAV” requires authentication and only you have access to your information.