Recruit in Norway?

How to recruit in Norway

The Norwegian labour market has a high level of skilled workers in various occupations that are attractive to many employers. Although there are not many surpluses due to the current low level of unemployment, there are always Norwegians who are interested in working abroad.

If you are looking for Norwegian speaking employees, the EURES services by NAV offers a wide range of services to foreign employers.

Your first step is to contact a EURES adviser in your region who can then put you in touch with the responsible EURES adviser in Norway for your country.

The EURES adviser in Norway will inform you about surpluses and shortages in the Norwegian labour market as well as give you other information relevant to your recruitment needs. You may also receive guidance as to the details you should include in your job advertisement, how many applicants you may expect, how long you should advertise, guidelines for contents of job advertisements in the NAV job database etc. The EURES adviser will be your contact person all through the recruitment process.


EURES (EURopean Employment Services) is a cooperation between EU/EEA countries and Switzerland. The cooperation is designed to promote the free movement of workers within the EU/EEA.