Chat with us about financial problems


Are you are having difficulties paying your bills or servicing your debt, please contact us for advice.

The online chat provides experienced debt counselors from the NAV Call and Service Centre who can give financial advice and answer your questions related to debt settlement, budget etc. The purpose is to help you so that you are able to manage your own finances. Read about financial advice and debt counseling at 

The service is open all weekdays between 10.00 and 3.00 pm.

Chat with us about financial problems

You can also reach us by telephone, NAV Gjeldsrådgivning (55 55 33 39).

Because of our duty of confidentiality we only answer general questions. Examples of questions we can not answer in the chat:

  • Questions about payments. You must either check Your payments (Dine utbetalinger) or give us a call.
  • Questions about an arrangement (after NAV have processed a case) or a specific case. For questions of this sort, you must call NAV Call and Service Centre, tel. 55 55 33 33.

Please note that the conversation is saved and stored anonymously for statistical reasons.